Cancer and Light Therapy – Debunking the Myths

Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause

Have you been concerned about using your Visum Light with this diagnosis? We often hear that we are not to use the lights if you have cancer. Well, that is a myth that Dr. Conners is going to debunk for you in this short interview.

Dr. Conners created this 7-Module online course to empower you with the physical, emotional, and spiritual tools to confidently address imbalances influencing your current health state. This is an ever-expanding library of resources for those struggling with cancer.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, undergoing cancer treatments, or managing a new presentation, this living course can help offer you HOPE with actionable insights that he has learned throughout his 35+ years of research and clinical practice.

Here are a few things you’ll have access to in the course:

📋 Protocols based on your type of cancer

➕ Bonus resources for a deep dive into each module topic

✅ Action steps to implement what you just learned

💪 Updates based on new research – remember it’s a living course

🎥 Ever-growing library of video content and interviews

✨ Exclusive access to live webinars and Q&A sessions with Dr. Conners

This course contains seven modules in which Dr. Conners offers a unique approach to alternative cancer treatment based on decades of clinical experience. These are the seven modules:


We offer a 45-day No-Worries Guarantee and affordable financing options so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of the Visum Light risk-free.

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