Use of the Pre-programmed Patterns


The Visum Light has the ability to be the single application tool for most medical conditions through LED light applications. The Visum Light has seven pre-programmed patterns for optimal flexibility.

P1 and P2 are frequency-specific for 10 Hz and 40 Hz respectfully. A (Hamblin 2019) study reported by the National Center for Biotechnology Information has found that LED light applications in a 12-week treatment of the 10 hz frequency provided significant improvement in the cognitive function of mild to moderately severe dementia patients. Likewise, a similar (Zomorrodi et al., 2019) study of the 40 Hz frequency reported by the NCBI found incredible potential for photobiomodulation in noninvasive brain stimulation treatment, further showing PBM’s ability to aid not just in physical healing, but cognitive healing as well.

P3 – P7 are a combination of preset frequencies which can be potentiated by utilizing multiple frequencies simultaneously. These combinations of frequencies are especially effective in local therapy. These types of combinations are the basis for the Pre-Programmed Patterns 3-7.

P3 – PAIN: Frequencies E-G are effective for the treatment of painful conditions.

P4 – ANXIETY: Frequencies C, D, G are effective in muscle relaxing/soft tissue healing.

P5 – SKIN: Frequencies A, B, F are effective in regenerating tissue.

P6 – ENERGY: Frequencies A, G are effective in increasing energy.

P7 – BRAIN: Frequencies 40 Hz, F, G are effective in increasing brain activity.

The following chart provides additional guidance on how and where to use these patterns.