Targeted Light Therapy with the Acu-Hood

Targeted light therapy is the application of light on established acupoints following Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is generally accomplished with a small beam of light placed directly on an acupoint for a specific purpose. These points are very tiny and reside in a specific location, but with the use of the light, pin-point accuracy is not required.

Until now, the Visum Light was utilized primarily for direct applications – placing the light in general areas usually for pain relief but not always. Now, you are able to also perform indirect applications with the use of the Acu-Hood.

TCM has evolved over the thousands of years and is based on the Meridian Systems that travel thru our bodies. The basic concept is that the vital force of life, called Chi, streams through our body and any imbalance to Chi can cause illness and disease. Balance between health and disease is a key concept. TCM treatment seeks to restore this balance through specific acupoints.

When using the Visum Light with acupoints, we find that we only need to hold the light on an acupoint for 10-15 seconds. It has been found that acupoints like to be whispered to, not shouted at so we go nice and easy on them.

It is not the intent of this webpage to go in-depth on this subject as there are many resources available to find charts and further information about the meridians and the acupoints. You can learn as much as you want and really understand the foundation behind each point, or you can trust that the information shown on a published chart by a reputable company will do what you need.

If you are wanting more information on training for this subject, please contact us and we can send you to resources that we use and can confidently share with you.

Don’t forget that with each Visum Light purchase, you are entitled to a 30-minute Q&A with a Visum Light specialist. This would be the perfect opportunity to have any questions answered.