About Us at Photonic Healing, LLC - Visum Light

Are you frustrated with the current selection of single-use therapy devices? Are you tired of paying too much for multiple single-use devices? Have you found it hard to absorb the large up-front cost and long-term ROI of many single-use devices?

We at Photonic Healing LLC understand how expensive it can be to have multiple single-use devices, so we’ve developed the all-new Visum Light device. This is the first affordable handheld LED general wellness device available, with multiple Comprehensive Healing options and colors.

Healing shouldn’t require a large initial investment for soon-to-be obsolete single-use devices.

Our Company has been with light therapy products for over 20 years and has supplied thousands of handheld LED devices all over the world. This involvement has offered us unique insight into the industry, which led us to recognize the benefits of combining several single-use therapies into one affordable, multi-use Comprehensive Healing device.

Until now, there hasn’t been an affordable general wellness device that offers Comprehensive Healing options. Using the Visum Light, with battle-tested treatment strategies proven to provide undeniably positive results time and again, you are well-armed for the future of photobiomodulation applications.

A healthy lifestyle is achieved through gradual evolution — not immediate and profound disruption. A five-minute walk here, a few more greens on the plate there, a little more “me-time” sprinkled throughout your week. These are the minor tweaks to your lifestyle that lead to lasting transformation.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the hype of the latest fads, the inspirational before-and-after images of diet and exercise programs — but all this marketing focuses on is the destination, not the journey. Yet without an enjoyable journey, you’ll never reach your destination.

With an enjoyable journey, you’ll realize the truth — there never was a destination. Your goals are merely side bonuses to what you really wanted all along: a happier day-to-day life.