Visum Light Advanced Training

The long awaited Visum Light Advanced Training is in final editing and is scheduled to be released in December 2022. Here is a peek at what is included in this training for anyone that purchases a Visum Light.

Until February 1, 2023, this course will be included FREE to the original purchaser of the Visum Light. After this date this course will be $399 and will be required to be completed prior to inclusion in the user group.

Prior to February 1, if you qualify, you will receive a code for $399 to use for this training.

Completion of this course and the 30-minute Q&A will award you an invitation to the monthly user group call. These calls are planned to start in February 2023 and will be conducted thru Zoom.

We look forward to meeting all of you!

For all those that complete the 30-minute Q&A and this training with a passing score on your exam, will be invited to a special Visum Light user group.

We plan to meet on Zoom once a month starting in February or March depending on how many of you are ready. Watch for announcements in a special newsletter.

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