At-A-Glance Reference Charts + Bonus! on USB

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Easy to carry USB includes 25 easy to use acupoint charts and a bonus of 14 Meridian Charts


Enjoy TWENTY FIVE full-color Quick Reference Acupressure Charts with easy to identify acupoints on a USB. The At-A-Glance Reference Charts are intended to give you quick access to some of the most common conditions encountered.

As a Bonus – we have included the 14 Meridian Charts with a visual identification of the meridian line and the primary points.

The USB is compatible with PC and MAC.

Once you receive your charts, remove them from the case. Lift the USB up by pinching the left slot and pressing it up. This will lift the USB portion up and is ready to insert into your USB drive.

Once inserted, your computer will identify it and you will see –
Start for
Start for Windows.exe

Select the appropriate system and wait for the screen to pop up that shows the Meridian Charts Folders and the At-A-Glance Reference Charts.pdf

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