Introducing the Visum Light

Introducing the Visum Light

You may have heard how low-level light therapy uses clinically proven photobiomodulation (PBM) to help you, your patients and your pets with everything from injuries and chronic pain to anxiety and stress — in many cases, far more effectively than dangerous medications, and with no side effects. You may even own medical grade LED lights, or perhaps your doctor or physical therapist uses one as part of your therapy!

But you’ve never seen one like this!

Introducing the revolutionary — one of the first LED General Wellness light devices in the world to offer Comprehensive Healing by offering 4 Operating Modes and several color combinations in one therapy device!

Most handheld light therapy devices provide only a single-use in terms of functionality and color selection.  The Visum Light device operator-controlled flexibility not only includes the option for continuous therapy, direct dosing in which the operator controls the time and intensity for precise Joule delivery, an option of 7 pre-programmed patterns for healing, and all 7 Nogier Frequencies but also the ability to mix color combinations.

Until today, if you wanted more, then you would need to purchase several single-use medical grade LED lights — making versatile healing options expensive and complicated.

But with the Visum Light, you not only get the four most popular colors used in PBM — Red, Blue, Green and Near-Infrared — you also get combinations of colors that provide additional healing options!

With the Visum Light, you also have access to Magenta, Yellow, Turquoise and White light, which aid in everything from blood pressure and immune health to rejuvenated skin  (Yin et al., 2013), improved digestion and so much more.

And the Visum Light’s minimalist design and pre-programmed settings make for a user-friendly experience everyone can benefit from!

Curious about the Visum Light and PBM? Talk to your doctor or physical therapist today and encourage them to investigate how low-level light therapy can help!

For scientific studies, answers to your questions and details on how the amazing Visum Light can benefit you, do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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