Comprehensive Light Therapy and the Visum Light

Comprehensive Light Therapy and the Visum Light

Until only recently, comprehensive light therapy could only be accomplished by having access to several different devices — one device per color. While still effective, this was a costly, cumbersome and complicated way to go about treatment. What’s more, there was no way to effectively combine colors, limiting treatment options.

The field of PBMT has hit a major milestone with the introduction of the Visum Light — the comprehensive LED light therapy device that combines all colors and wavelengths into one easy-to-use tool. Featuring a simple interface with four operating modes, including convenient preprogrammed settings, this singular device allows for the combination of light wavelengths, dosages, Nogier Frequencies and more to provide the most comprehensive light therapy treatment available.

Ongoing clinical research and advances in LED technology have brought about a remarkably comprehensive treatment option known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT or light therapy). Used for a wide array of diseases, injuries, and chronic conditions — from cosmetics and sports medicine to veterinary medicine and even neurological conditions — light therapy has become an incredibly effective tool that is noninvasive, cost-effective and nearly absent of side effects.

Skin Conditions

Dermatologists and cosmetologists everywhere are beginning to offer treatments for a number of skin conditions and cosmetic benefits. Blue light in the 500 nanometer (nm) range aids in the production of collagen, helping skin stay smooth and firm. Combined with its antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties, blue light therapy is also an effective treatment for acne and other skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. Several short, painless sessions spread over weeks or months have produced a great deal of relief, as well as surprising results for those wanting the latest and greatest in skin care treatment.

Injuries and Chronic Pain

Similar results have been found for humans and animals alike suffering from a host of injuries and physical conditions. From broken bones and sprains to tendonitis, arthritis, sore muscles and more, comprehensive light therapy uses a combination of light wavelengths, dosages and Nogier Frequencies to provide an extraordinary level of treatment. Shortening recovery time and reducing pain while mitigating swelling and promoting healing, light therapy gives patients a great deal of highly effective relief — all with little to no side effects reported, and often at greatly reduced cost compared to medications that don’t always work and are typically accompanied by significant side effects.


Mixtures of yellow, red and green wavelengths have been found to have a profoundly beneficial effect on metabolic disorders. By reducing inflammation and promoting microbiome diversity in the gut, light therapy allows for the easing of a range of digestive issues. This has led to the call for additional research into applications for obesity, diabetes and more, showing that comprehensive light therapy can change lives even more profoundly than first believed.

Cognitive Diseases and Mood Disorders

Comprehensive light therapy gets truly fascinating when investigating its benefits for mood disorders, traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s. It has been found that red and near-infrared (NIR) light promotes blood flow in the brains of those suffering from traumatic brain injury, improving cognitive function. A wide spectrum of mental and emotional issues benefit from comprehensive light therapy, including stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and more.

Do you see how you can accomplish Comprehensive Light Therapy with the Visum Light?

Ergonomic, intuitive and a joy to use, the Visum Light is fast becoming the leading light therapy device for medical practitioners, veterinarians, physical therapists and chiropractors, to name a few. And with a 45-day No Worries Guarantee, professionals everywhere are seeing the amazing results for themselves at no risk.

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