Can you Sell LED Light Therapy?

You probably are reading this post because you’re interested in our Visum Light products. Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT) is one of the most thrilling advances in inflammation and chronic pain management, according to a medical journal by Dr. Michael R. Hamblin.

For patients, it’s an opportunity to take charge of their health and ensure they effectively deal with common issues associated with chronic pain. Since Light-emitting diode (LED) therapy devices have proven to be effective in helping patients control pain and other chronic conditions, one can sell light therapy devices. We can work with you to sell Visum Light LED technologies thru our very selective distributor program.

Studies are still underway to provide strong evidence regarding the PBMT’s effectiveness in the realm of inflammation and chronic pain. Arguably, PBMT provides comfort and promotes healing in various applications.

Benefits of Selling LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is rapidly gaining traction in the healthcare arena for good reasons. The popularity of LED light therapy has had a major impact on making light therapy services and devices widely available. In many cases, you’ll find light therapy being used on skincare and reducing inflammation.

There are many uses of LED light therapy, including helping with acne, eczema, dermatitis, scarring, rosacea, psoriasis, and sun damage. With all these applications, it makes sense to sell LED light therapy to help people with these common complications.


How Visum Light Works

Photobiomodulation technology helps people and pets deal with injuries and chronic pain. This light therapy also helps in stress and anxiety management. It’s worth noting that light therapy is even more effective, with far fewer side effects than dangerous medications.

Visum Light is revolutionary as it offers comprehensive healing using four operating modes and color combinations in a single therapy device. Most light therapy devices only provide single-use functionality and limited color selection. However, the Visum Light device operation is different. This light allows for controlled flexibility, including the option for continuous therapy, and direct dosing – where a user controls the intensity and time for accurate Joule delivery.

Visum Light also provides an option to use the seven-pre-programmed healing patterns and all the seven Nogier Frequencies. Keep in mind that all these come with the ability to mix color combinations for effective treatment.

Traditionally, if patients wanted more treatment options, they would need to buy more than one single-use medical-grade LED light. This made light therapy healing options costly and complicated. Luckily, with Visum Light, patients only need one device that offers various healing options, making light therapy worth considering as an effective and affordable treatment option. Visum Light patients can use the four PBM colors, including Red, Blue, Green, and Near-Infrared (NIR). Plus, they can use combinations of these colors for maximum healing options.

Visum Light allows patients to access Yellow, Magenta, White, and Turquoise Light. These light frequencies help with almost everything, from immune health and blood pressure to rejuvenated skin, better digestion, and more.

Visum Light for Inflammation-related Issues

Diabetic ulcers and bedsores are examples of the effectiveness of photobiomodulation light therapy. Patients only require a few brief sessions to receive the benefits of the amazing healing and pain-relieving results. Light therapy promotes wound healing by triggering cell proliferation and migration and regulating the levels of inflammatory cytokines.

Similar effects are experienced with chronic muscle and tendon soreness, injury, and strain. PBMT’s effectiveness has influenced most physicians to recommend light therapy as a reliable and effective treatment option.

A doctor and patient using polychromatic light therapy to aid in the patient’s recovery process
A doctor and patients using drug free polychromatic light therapy.
Doctor showing successful results using Medical Grade Light Therapy Device

Still thinking?

So, concerning the question of whether you can sell LED light therapy, physicians recommend it! This means light therapy is well embraced by patients who are looking to take charge of their health. With this need, physicians that add light therapy devices in their practice are able to offer these exceptional services.

Individuals struggling with arthritis have seen a significant improvement in their condition with NIR treatment. Medications meant to help with arthritis come at hefty price tags. Often, most people resort to natural medications or give up the struggle altogether. But PBMT has proven to be an effective solution with promising results. Light therapy helps to lower pain and reduce inflammation of joints. Physicians recommend it as a viable treatment alternative, another reason you can sell LED light therapy.

Skin conditions are common among most people, and frequencies A and narrow-band B have proven effective in coping with most of these conditions. Severe eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis, actinic, rosacea, keratoses, and other inflammatory skin complications have all improved with PBMT dosages. Light treatment is not just effective but also non-invasive and has no side effects. Relieved symptoms improve one’s health and even makes life enjoyable by eliminating discomfort associated with pain and preventing the hassle of looking for alternative treatments.

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Why Choose Visum Light?

The applications discussed above are just a few of the many applications of Visum Light devices. Actually, it’s the first of its kind to offer a wide array of applications. This device merges the applications of more than one device. Visum Light eliminates the need for physicians and patients to buy multiple devices for varying treatment options. Armed with one device, there’s so much you can do.

Besides the eight color combinations Visum Light offers, users get to take advantage of the device’s sophisticated features designed to make it convenient and user-friendly. Visum Light features a timer, pre-programmed settings, dosage controls, intensity settings, and Nogier settings. This device incorporates everything you want in a light therapy device. All these handy and unique features of the Visum Light mean that it’s pretty much easy to market and sell the device to physicians and patients who need it the most.

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