8 Ways Light Therapy Can Be Beneficial To Athletes

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Holistic solutions and treatments free from additives or medications can improve your overall health and wellness, especially for athletes. While hot and cold therapies and rest are helpful, light therapy is a safe and drug-free option that helps alleviate soreness, pain, and inflammation to promote better recovery. Here are eight ways light therapy can be beneficial to athletes.

What Is Light Therapy?

Before we dive into the benefits of light therapy for athletes, we need to understand what it is and how it works. Light therapy, or phototherapy, uses controlled wavelengths to a targeted area on the body. Red and near-infrared light therapy penetrates the skin cells, promoting cellular regeneration and protein synthesis. Many people now use light therapy as LED or hand-held devices, providing numerous benefits from the comfort of their home.

How Is Light Therapy Beneficial to Athletes?

Athletes are always seeking ways to increase their performance and enhance recovery while optimizing health and wellness. Light therapy can benefit athletic health, performance, and recovery in several ways.

1. Reduces Pain

Red light therapy is a powerhouse for alleviating pain and inflammation. Combined with magenta, it provides more blood flow to damaged blood vessels, promoting healing of sore muscles.

2. Decreases Inflammation

Every athlete deals with inflammation at some point. Whether training for a few hours or every day of the week, inflammation can keep you from optimal performance. Near-infrared light helps reduce inflammation and joint pain, providing deep relief to bones, muscles, and bursa.

3. Enhances Performance

Red light therapy can help speed up muscle recovery and boost athletic performance. It also helps reduce muscle pain when combined with near-infrared light, providing long-lasting results more quickly.

4. Reduces Tension

Overworked muscles can feel tense, inhibiting optimal performance and recovery. Blue light can soothe the skin by acting like an ice pack. It can relieve neck, arm, leg, and back tension to help you recover faster.

5. Stimulates Circulation

Whether you’re suffering from soreness, fatigue, or injury, red light therapy acts like an energizer to help stimulate circulation for healing. It encourages more blood flow and cellular regeneration to alleviate various exercise-related issues.

6. Improves Lymphatic Drainage

Excess lymph can build up over time, making it difficult to reach optimal performance. Clogged lymph can also contribute to poor immune function and reduced circulation. Red and near-infrared lights promote lymphatic drainage that rid the body of toxins and restore better overall function.

7. Regulates Sleep Cycles

Injuries and tired muscles can interfere with sleep cycles. Red and green lights can help balance mood and provide calmness of mind to regulate sleep cycles.

8. Promotes Joint Health

Running, jumping, and other physical activities can create joint strain, leading to pain, inflammation, and poor joint health. Red and near-infrared lights can increase bone formation and help protect against osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

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