The Biology of Trauma and the Visum Light

The Biology of Trauma and the Visum Light

From post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) to depression, anxiety and so much more, the mind processes trauma and develops traumatic conditions in a myriad of ways, leading to a host of mental, emotional and physical issues.

Equally as varied are the treatments available to help mitigate the effects of trauma and traumatic conditions, including therapy, medication, and most recently, LED light therapy.

Proving to be a fascinating new treatment for a vast array of conditions both physical and psychological, photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), also called light therapy, offers a remarkably effective approach that’s more cost-efficient than traditional treatments and offers far fewer side effects.

LED Light Therapy and the Brain

Though light therapy has been around since the 1970s, the development of LED technology has opened up many new avenues of research, leading to clinical studies on everything from Alzheimer’s to eczema. Of particular interest are studies involving the brain, and the burgeoning potential for LED light therapy to profoundly alter the landscape of future treatment.

Studies involving various forms of traumatic brain injury have reported improvement not only in cognitive function, but in a variety of symptoms that often accompany TBI and PTSD, including insomnia, depression and anxiety. In one particular study, (Hipskind et al., 2019) improvement was found even when treatment was first provided several years after initial TBI.

Often referred to as transcranial PBMT, results show that red and near-infrared (NIR) light therapy provide improved blood flow, tissue oxygenation, mitochondrial function and more, reducing symptoms and improving quality of life for TBI and stroke victims. What’s more, transcranial brain stimulation (TIBS) may even be able to mitigate the decline of cerebral blood flow (CBF) that occurs with age, effectively delaying the onset of early dementia. Such results have prompted the call for more trials that focus on the specific depth and breadth of PBMT’s ability to aid in the treatment of brain-related trauma and traumatic conditions.

That call extends to mood disorders as well. In addition to findings regarding depression related to TBI, one study (Maiello et al., 2019) found transcranial NIR to have a potential anxiolytic effect on patients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). All manner of human trials continue to shed more light how LED light therapy can be used as an alternative treatment for a wide range of trauma-related issues.

The Physical Side of Trauma

The physical side effects of TBI, PTSD, depression, anxiety and a host of other neurological conditions are well documented — some of these side effects caused by the very medications used to treat the conditions.

In addition to transcranial PBMT, light therapy is also used to treat the physical side of mental and emotional trauma, providing a multi-faceted treatment approach. Not only can PBMT reduce the physical side effects by improving their neurological cause, but it can be used to treat the side effects themselves — be they muscle aches, joint pain, headaches or fatigue, just to name a few.

Looking for more PBMT research? This comprehensive database has over 5,000 studies and papers.

The Visum Light for Trauma

The internet is awash in light boxes and light therapy devices, making it increasingly difficult to know which one to choose. Some have limited function, others utilize poor design, and many others are already obsolete.

Versatility and longevity were the primary considerations in the design of the Visum Light. As we continue to be inundated with exciting new research results, the Visum Light can easily adapt to the latest findings, making it the only handheld light therapy device you’ll ever need.

In addition to the convenient preset settings, the Visum Light gives you direct control over Nogier Frequencies, desired Joules, color combinations and time/intensity settings, allowing you unlimited treatment customization that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

And with our one-year warranty and 45-Day No Worries Guarantee, you can experience the one-of-a-kind Visum Light at no risk.

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