How Blue Light Therapy Works

Blue is the opposite of red. Whereas red light excites, blue light is cool and soothing.

This color penetrates at a wavelength of 410 nm. This makes it closer to UV because we wanted to bring in UV properties, specifically antibacterial properties, into the blue light.

Here are just some of the Benefits of Blue Light Therapy:

  • 100% natural and non-invasive
  • Drug-free with no adverse short-term or long-term side effects
  • Safe for all ages and daily use
  • Painless
  • Easily self-administered in your own home
  • No down-time
  • Decreases inflammation of the skin
  • Speeds healing of the skin
  • Reduces clearing time of acne
  • Facilitates healing of the skin without scarring
  • Helps heal pre-existing acne scars over time

Conditions blue light therapy has been shown to treat:

  • “Thumping” headaches
  • Acute rheumatism
  • Cuts, burns and bruises
  • Fevers
  • Dominant color of the throat chakra: sore throats, laryngitis, hoarseness
  • Dysentery, jaundice
  • Fungal and bacterial conditions
  • Anxiety-related high blood pressure
  • Intractable insomnia
  • Open wounds and/or chance of infection
  • Open wounds and infections
  • Overactive conditions — slows down circulation
  • Bleeding of the lungs
  • Tension, fear and palpitations

Blue light therapy can help with Acne

Many people, desperate to rid themselves of the unsightly blemishes and inflammation caused by , turn to dangerous and invasive drugs, chemicals and laser procedures to end the frustration of this condition. Not only are these treatment options expensive, but they can also cause unwarranted damage to the sensitive skin on your face and neck.

By using the Visum Light blue LED therapy for skin, you’re maximizing your body’s natural cellular function to help fight bacteria and inflammation while avoiding the pain, high cost and numerous side effects of other treatments.

With no known side effects, blue light therapy for skin allows its users freedom from the dryness and discomfort associated with topical acne medications and the damaging effects of UV lights and laser therapy. The Visum Light kills acne-causing bacteria and regulates oil production by working naturally within the body.

The specific wavelengths emitted by the Visum Light are absorbed by acne-causing bacteria, such as P. acnes, in the pores. This bacteria then produces a molecule that occurs naturally within the body called a porphyrin, which in turn kills the bacteria. The wavelengths used in blue light PBM are between 405 and 420 nanometers, different than the wavelengths used in ultraviolet light.

Blue LED lights wavelengths of 415 nanometers penetrate deeply into the pores to stimulate cell growth and repair, clearing the complexion and beautifying the skin from the inside out. Using the Visum Light consistently for only 15 minutes a day will help treat and prevent mild to moderate cases of acne.

Blue Light Activates the Pineal Gland

Blue light is also the color of the spirit — think “True Blue.”

Our throat chakra is governed by the color blue, so this is the color of choice for any throat or thyroid conditions. This chakra impacts communication, hearing, listening, self-expression, decision-making and more. Sore throats, laryngitis and difficulty with speech are just a few conditions that benefit from the Visum Light.

Wow I had no idea! I now I see how I can use the blue more and would like to get one.

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