What is Polychromatic Light Therapy And How it Helps

Many people use prescription or OTC pain relievers to ease the pain and discomfort of chronic pain or inflammation. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain or inflammation, polychromatic light therapy (PLT) can help. At the Visum Light, we help people take charge of their health and wellness by offering resources and products that promote holistic solutions that support the body’s natural healing ability. Here are a few helpful things about polychromatic therapy and how it can help your well-being.

What Is Polychromatic Light Therapy?

Light therapy has become an increasingly popular modality for those suffering from chronic inflammation and pain. Polychromatic Light Therapy uses multiple light colors and wavelengths to help ease chronic and acute pain, especially in those suffering from arthritis and other joint and muscle issues. Most famous of these wavelengths are red and infrared, but the Visum Light takes this to a whole new level by combining two or more wavelengths to create a whole new color. We have an excellent post on “How the Brain Sees and processes Colors” as it is most fascinating. As circulation increases in the targeted area, people experience less pain and relief from inflammation.

Benefits of Using Polychromatic Light Therapy

Polychromatic light therapy (PLT) offers numerous health and wellness benefits that can help manage uncomfortable symptoms, ease pain, and reduce inflammation. Some studies show it can even help relieve symptoms of neurological diseases like Parkinson’s Disease. Here’s a look at a few other ways using PLT can help.

Multi-color Benefits

By combining more than one color of light and applying it to the body, the body receives the benefits of each color, and the brain sees and processes a third color which provides a one-two punch for healing. The many colors of PLT offer a wide range of physical health benefits, and here is just a very short list:

  • Red focuses on skin surface burns, wounds, and scar prevention
  • Blue serves as an antiseptic due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Green provides balance and grounding, alleviating insomnia, fatigue, and mood issues
  • Near Infrared Light (NIR) can help reduce neural pathway sensitivity and enhance antioxidant activity
  • Magenta increases blood flow
  • Yellow combines red and green to reduce inflammation
  • Turquoise combines blue and green to calm the body’s systems
  • White combines blue, red, and green to maximize relief

Using multiple combinations of red, blue, and green produces additional colors that deliver numerous benefits.

Eases Pain

PLT combines various colors to target problem areas on the body that experience chronic pain. It’s a safe solution for muscular injuries, joint pain, headaches, and wounds.

Enhances Energy Levels

Using PLT can enhance energy levels as it helps restore cellular function. Cellular health and function can slow down when the body experiences pain or injury. PLT increases circulation, which encourages oxygen production and fuels energy.

Promotes Better Mood

PLT is not only a therapeutic recovery method but also a preventative solution for mental health. It can help improve heart, kidney, and adrenal function, promoting a healthy mood and mind.

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