Visum Light Dosing

Similar to any medication, the effectiveness of PBM therapy is reliant upon the proper dosing. Decades ago, in the early days of PBM, many studies found the therapy to be ineffective. It was only later discovered that these findings were the result of inaccurate dosing. Based on a combination of Power Intensity and duration used, one can determine the amount of Joules delivered in order to provide the most beneficial therapy session possible.

Do not, under any circumstance, let someone tell you that because their light is “stronger” it is better. We have been conditioned to think that more is better but that is not the case here. It has been shown thru research, that the body can only absorb so many photons and the rest go to waste. Click here to read a great researched article that explains this.

The following blue, green, NIR and red light therapy dosing guide table will provide a guideline for Dosing with the Visum Light. You are able to select the combination of time (T) and Power Intensity mW/cm2 (I) to determine the Joules delivered. Please note, when adding the green light to the higher output, dosing will be as shown below –


Visum Light Blue, Green, NIR and Red Light Therapy Dosing Guide – Joules

blue, green, NIR and red light therapy dosing guide
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