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A Veterinary LED Therapy Tool to improve the Health and Wellness of Our Animals.

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Why would you use Polychromatic Light Therapy?

You care about your patients, and you never want to resort to unsafe medication or expensive options in order to offer them the relief they need.  At Visum Light, you’ll get an effective, comprehensive light therapy device to improve your patient’s overall health and wellness with the use of a medical grade red light therapy tool for animals.  At the same time, you should not have to invest in multiple, single-use tools in order to find a solution.  Visum Light is the first all-in-one light therapy option that has helped thousands of patients – just like yours – get back to living a happy, healthy life.

Here are Quick and Easy Methods Showing How to Apply the Visum Light

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Providing a pain-free life for your patients is easy and affordable.

Here’s how we do it:

Order The Visum Light device

Provide proven, safe and comprehensive healing options

Watch your patient's health and wellness improve

No Worries Guarantee We understand that you may have some reservations regarding the Visum Light, and although Photonic Healing, LLC is confident that you will be completely satisfied with our product, we offer a 45-day No-Worries Guarantee.

On Sale for ONLY $1,799

Visum Light uses specific light wavelengths to support your health and wellness. Visum provides PBM which has been clinically proven to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate cellular repair. It’s portable so you can take it with you anywhere!

Package includes:


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See What Other Leading Practitioners Are Saying About The Visum Light:

Consistently treat patients

“I hope you are as excited as I am about the Visum because over the next thirty (30) days, your clinical life and the life of your patients is about to change. After thirty (30) years of medical experience and treating tens of thousands of patients I don’t know of any better way to consistently treat patients week in and week out from the comfort of your own office.”

 Dr. Terrance Baker, MD, MS, FAAEP, President NAALT

“One of my friends with rheumatoid arthritis has been using the PBM for 2.5 months, she had a true RA flare up and said the light was quite a blessing because instead of 2-3 weeks of misery, it lasted 2 days. Thank you for all you do.”

“I use my lights everywhere… Especially the Visum Light. It is the most powerful tool I have in my Light arsenal and I highly recommend it to everyone! I used the Visum Light white light on my neck for 10 minutes and it got rid of a pain I have had for probably 30+ years. On the other side it stimulated the vagus nerve and boosted my heart. I’ve only used it 3 times and also had benefits from the knee tx as well.”

“The Visum Light has been the best All-in-One Therapy tool I have added to my practice! I can now help more clients with chronic pain, wound healing and lymphatic release. With the different Operating Modes, I can use continuous or pulsed frequencies for a predetermined time or adjust as I need. The color selections are fantastic! You can do so much more with the additional colors than we were doing with only the red and NIR combinations. The Visum Light has paid for itself in the first week! Thank you for offering such an advanced light therapy tool!”

See how Veterinarian and Pet Lover Dr. Steve Stewart of Pathways Holistic Petcare, London, Ontario, Canada uses his Visum Light in his Practice to Help his Clients and Animals...

Harry - 18 yr old

This is Harry who will be 18 in August. I have been using light therapy on him for a few years now. He was struggling with arthritis throughout, but with Visum Light and some TLC, he is staying stable and happy.

Gracie - 7 yr old

This is Gracie, a 7-year-old dog with a reccurring Rt cruciate ligament. After only 3 visits using the Visum Light, we have seen a noticeable improvement with her ligament.

Zues - 2yr old

Zues, a 2-year-old dog, had a fall and had a partial tear of Lt cruciate ligamnet. During his visits, we use the Visum Light on RB pulsating and RBGN Pain Mode on him for 6 minutes to help heal the tear.

17 yr old Paso Fino

17-year-old Pasafino is suffering from a Rt hip issue and Rt front lameness when he was brought to us. We used the Visum Light on RB Pulsating Mode and RBGN Pain Mode, as well as Anxiety Mode on him, along with Tui Na (spinal therapy) and CBD Oil 5000 mg taken daily. After 5 visits within a 3-week span, Pasafino is doing much better now than when he came in.

5 yr old mixed breed

5 yr old mix breed IVDD, using both the R B pulsating for 3-5 mins, coupled with pain mode 3-5 mins. Combined with the pinpoint laser on acupuncture points that correlate with IVDD. Noticing more feeling in the hind end since treatment started.

Monte - 11 yr old Arab

Several months ago, Monte who is an 11-year-old Arabian English Riding Champion, suffered from edema of the right hock. The misalignment of his Rt hip and a Lt shoulder dip contributed to this issue. After several visits using the Visum Light, along with some spinal therapy and massage, this ongoing issue has dramatically improved.

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Some of Our Top FAQs Are:

On September 27, 2019, the FDA issued the “General Wellness: Policy for Low Risk Devices”. This policy defines general wellness products as products that meet two factors: (1 ) are intended for only general wellness use and (2) present a low risk to safety of users and other persons.

By definition, “comprehensive” is an adjective meaning to cover or involve all or nearly all elements or aspects of something.

Visum Light uses the power of LED light therapy to effectively assist your patients by


Do you suffer from pain, high blood pressure, recent surgery recovery, arthritis, or just general age-related issues?

In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, the Visum Light device can help maintain a healthy weight, improve athletic performance, relieve exercise related muscle pain, improve sleep cycles and increase mental acuity.

LED phototherapy (also known as light therapy) has been shown to be beneficial in a large range of medical and cosmetic uses including skin rejuvenation. With continued use, medical grade red light therapy as well as other colors improves skin tone and texture as well as encouraging the natural healing process.

Visum Light is the new LED General Wellness Light Therapy Device from Photonic Healing LLC.

The Visum Light device is unlike any other light therapy device currently available. Offering maximum flexibility with 4 operating Modes and multiple color combinations, the Visum Light device is setting a new industry standard for a comprehensive healing device

The Visum Light device harnesses the healing power of medical grade red light therapy, infrared, blue, green, magenta, turquoise, yellow and white light at specific wavelengths and frequencies shown to be effective in.

The Visum Light device has four Operating Modes which allows the operator the ability and flexibility to target treatment most effectively.