The Healing Colors of Light

The Healing Colors of Light

Welcome to the World of Color Therapy – An informative presentation on the Medical LED Light Therapy Healing Colors of Light.

If you are curious how to use all the medical LED light therapy colors of the Visum Light, click here to watch this presentation on the Healing Colors of Light.

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It was great to hear more information outside of what is being currently known through research. I was glad to see the research and resources page where more information can be found on the claims of benefits presented. I will have to look deeper into this.

L. Patrick

Superb presentation! I liked that the whole presentation wasn’t putting a plug in for their new Visum product (most of the photos involved torches), but it was fine the way it was covered in the end, educating about the value of different colors without an aggressive sales pitch.

G. Carney

I feel all the information about “The Healing Color of Light” was very distinctly stated, supported by great visuals via before and after pictures.  Sharon presented in such a way that the facts and details could be easily understood to those new at light therapy as well as professionals already with a knowledge base.

L. Kennedy