The Visum Light – User Group April 27, 2023


This replay is for April 27, 2023


Monthly Visum Light User Group recordings are available to anyone that is interested in listening to them. To participate in the FREE live sessions you must own a light, pass the Training Exam and have the FREE 30-minute Q&A with us. This is the recording from April 27, 2023.

A few topics discussed this month were: Facebook User Group – Why?  Any Value?  Let it Go?; Flex Pads; Buttons wearing off V.L.; New Sound video added to course (lesson 8); End of Life for Pets; Does hair get in the way of Visum Light?; Acupoint Charts on new USB stick; Why does it hurt more after using V.L.?; Ok to use V.L. on children?; Visum Light battery care; Scleroderma; Light therapy before Chiropractic; Visum Light heating up on certain colors; Pre-surgery therapy