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From Osteoporosis & Bone Health Summit, you learned about natural approaches to maintaining healthy and strong bones. As we age, this can become more of a challenge and is even more important to pay attention to.

Throughout our lives, our bones are in a constant state of renewal. In our younger years, they grow in mass at an accelerated rate. Conversely, in our declining years, their rate of growth stops and even reverses. For the majority of our lives, a delicate homeostasis is achieved in large part by these two different cells — osteoblasts provide the formation of bone, and osteoclasts provide the resorption of bone. In our youth, osteoblasts are in the lead, and as we age, osteoclasts eventually gain the upper hand, resulting in bone degeneration.

Ongoing research continues to boost the prevailing scientific understanding that photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), also referred to as LED light therapy, offers exciting new treatment options for a wide variety of common ailments and conditions — especially those involving the musculoskeletal system.

With LED light therapy, there exists incredible potential to not just mitigate the pain associated with the condition, but the causes of the condition itself. And thus far, the research is showing that this lofty goal is well within the realm of possibility.

Plus, it’s more cost-efficient than traditional treatments and offers far fewer side effects.

What is Photobiomodulation Therapy?

Since its discovery almost 50 years ago, understanding of Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT) and evidence of its efficacy in a wide range of treatments has become increasingly robust. Previously coined Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), its success as an anti-inflammatory therapy alone has helped skyrocket its reputation as one of the most effective (and cost-effective) treatments available today.

While additional research, development, and clinical trials continue across a broad spectrum of diseases, conditions, and symptoms, the least of publications to date typically show a therapy of tremendous promise and far-reaching implication, making PBMT an exciting addition to existing therapies.

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Using The Visum Light for Better Bone Health

One of the major aspects of the composition of our bones has to do with two distinct yet related cell types — osteoclasts and osteoblasts.

Throughout our lives, our bones are in a constant state of renewal. In our younger years, they grow in mass at an accelerated rate. Conversely, in our declining years, their rate of growth stops and even reverses. For the majority of our lives, a delicate homeostasis is achieved in large part by these two different cells — osteoblasts provide the formation of bone, and osteoclasts provide the resorption of bone. In our youth, osteoblasts are in the lead, and as we age, osteoclasts eventually gain the upper hand, resulting in bone degeneration.

Let’s take a look at osteoclasts first. One PubMed study “A 635-nm light-emitting diode (LED) therapy inhibits bone resorptive osteoclast formation by regulating the actin cytoskeleton” found much lower resorption activity in osteoclast cells after red LED light irradiation of 635-nm, stating that LED therapy “may prove to be a valuable tool to prevent bone loss in osteoporosis and other resorptive bone diseases.” So PBM shows strong potential to mitigate bone loss, opening up a fascinating line of questioning — could it someday be used to help reverse it?

The question then becomes, how does PBM affect osteoblasts, the cells in charge of bone formation? Given the measurable response in osteoclasts to certain wavelengths of PBM, there may be similarly appreciable results in their cousins, the osteoblasts.

According to another PubMed study “The Effects of Photobiomodulation on MC3T3-E1 Cells via 630 nm and 810 nm Light-Emitting Diode” – osteoblast-like cell lines widely used in bone biology research — two sets of cells irradiated with 630 nm and 810 nm saw similar positive results in proliferation, level of mineralization, and gene expression, showing a likely “promising strategy to modulate bone metabolism.” This stands as further evidence that the future is looking very bright for LED light therapy’s role in treating osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases and conditions.

As a pain management therapy for osteoporosis, red light and near-infrared (NIR) light therapy especially have proven effective. By reducing inflammation and improving blood flow, regular light therapy treatment can also provide improved flexibility and range of motion, leading to an overall boost to quality of life.

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The ability to adapt as new research is revealed was the inspiration behind the development of the patent-pending Visum Light.

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With preprogrammed patterns and the ability to control dosages, duration and Nogier Frequencies via the user-friendly interface, the Visum Light is one of the most customizable light therapy devices available, ensuring its place in your treatment toolbox for years to come.

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“I hope you are as excited as I am about the Visum because over the next thirty (30) days, your clinical life and the life of your patients is about to change. After thirty (30) years of medical experience and treating tens of thousands of patients I don’t know of any better way to consistently treat patients week in and week out from the comfort of your own office.”

 Dr. Terrance Baker, MD, MS, FAAEP, President NAALT

The light was a blessing 

“One of my friends with rheumatoid arthritis has been using the PBM for 2.5 months, she had a true RA flare up and said the light was quite a blessing because instead of 2-3 weeks of misery, it lasted 2 days. Thank you for all you do.” 

Dr. Denise Easterling, Easterling Vet Clinic Madisonville, TX

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“The Visum Light has been the best All-in-One Therapy tool I have added to my practice! I can now help more clients with chronic pain, wound healing and lymphatic release. With the different Operating Modes, I can use continuous or pulsed frequencies for a predetermined time or adjust as I need. The color selections are fantastic! You can do so much more with the additional colors than we were doing with only the red and NIR combinations. The Visum Light has paid for itself in the first week! Thank you for offering such an advanced light therapy tool!”

Dr. S. Smith, Oregon

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“I use my lights everywhere… Especially the Visum Light. It is the most powerful tool I have in my Light arsenal and I highly recommend it to everyone! I used the Visum Light white light on my neck for 10 minutes and it got rid of a pain I have had for probably 30+ years.

On the other side it stimulated the vagus nerve and boosted my heart. I’ve only used it 3 times and also had benefits from the knee tx as well.”

P. Frank Florida

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The light does wonders

“I recently broke a couple of ribs, which was really painful. So I took out my Visum Light and selected R, B, and N. I put it over the area where it was the sorest. I did this for 10 minutes, 2-3 times a day for several days. And this made a complete difference! From not being able to breathe easily and not being able to get up without a lot of excruciating pain, I’m able to breathe easily and get up and move around reasonably, with broken ribs of course.

It was an amazing thing that happened. It just took away the pain and helped me get over those really awkward days right after I’d broken my ribs. So I really can’t recommend the Visum Light enough. It does wonders! Thank you for this!”

Lee Erickson, TX

My patient felt immediate relief

“I started using the Visum Light for injuries to soft tissues that may happen daily, using a technique called IRT and the light to reverse the neurological impact on the area that was affected, as well as any acupuncture meridians that may have been affected by the incident! The patient felt immediate relief! Yay for light therapy, especially for deep tissue injuries!” 

Dr. Rodriguez, FL

It’s great to have a doctor in a box

“I love my Visum Light and will continue to use it! It has many beneficial well-thought-out features, which I really appreciate. They make the device easier to use. Here are several things that I like about the Visum Light: 1) comprehensive healing options, as I can combine several visible light options with many healing frequencies; 2) the safety tray; 3) the auto shut-off; 4) many healing frequencies built-in, not requiring additional attachments; 5) easy to hold; 6) large, easy-to-read button labels; 7) large, easy-to-read lighted numbers for time and a timer that beeps after the set duration; and 8) super fast delivery. The website explains all the benefits of the different options. Communication is also available by email or phone. In today’s world, it is great to have a doctor in a box, specifically a healing frequency tool.”

Donna W., MI

It calms me

“I have been enjoying the discovery of using my Visum Light. Although there seems to be much to learn, I have some favorite settings, including green light with FAR light and Nogier on the D setting. I place it on my upper belly just below my sternum. In effect, it calms me.”

Pamela V., TN

About Photonic Healing LLC

We at Photonic Healing LLC understand how expensive it can be to have multiple single-use devices, so we’ve developed the all-new Visum Light device. This is the first affordable handheld LED general wellness device available, with multiple Comprehensive Healing options and colors.

We feel that comprehensive healing shouldn’t require a large initial investment for soon-to-be obsolete single-use devices.

Photonic Healing LLC has been healing with light therapy products for over 20 years and has supplied thousands of handheld LED devices all over the world. This involvement has offered us unique insight into the industry, which led us to recognize the benefits of combining several single-use therapies into one affordable, multi-use Comprehensive Healing device.

Until now, there hasn’t been an affordable general wellness device that offers Comprehensive Healing options. Using the Visum Light, with battle-tested treatment strategies proven to provide undeniably positive results time and again, you are well-armed for the future of photobiomodulation applications.

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