Nogier Frequencies

Nogier frequencies, in combination with photobiomodulation, can result in the acceleration of the healing process in underlying medical conditions.

All successful treatment of medical conditions requires a correct diagnosis.  A specific prescription of photobiomodulation with Nogier frequencies can result in acceleration of healing of the treated condition.

There are seven medically recognized frequencies that were developed experimentally by Dr. Paul Nogier in the 70’s. These frequencies enter into resonance with the body and specific exert effects on the body. These frequencies are recognized by the body for both detection and for treatment. These frequencies are known both by the alphabetical number and the numerical number associated with each frequency.

As a general rule, when stimulation is required, use the lower frequencies. When sedation is required, use the higher frequencies. Simply choose frequencies on The Visum Light corresponding to body part and pathology.

Nogier Frequencies

The following table summarizes the main therapeutic applications of Nogier frequencies:

A – Action on the tissues including wounds and epidermal (skin) conditions.

B – Gastrointestinal and metabolic problems.

C – Locomotor problems.

D – Disorders of laterality.

E – Pain in nerve conduction i.e. spinal cord diseases.

F – Brain and bone reconstruction/healing.

G – Action on the cerebral cortex including cortical and mental disorders.


Frequency variation disclaimer:

Note: There is some debate as to the precise Hz of the seven Nogier Frequencies, mostly due to false reporting. However, this variation is negligible, and the general rule regarding stimulation and sedation holds as the most effective way to guide and refine treatment.

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