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From the Engineeering your Microbiome Summit, you learned that the gut alone houses roughly 100 trillion microbes with as many as 5,000 different species, and there are other human microbiome sites as well, including the skin, mouth and vagina. If the balance of this ecosystem becomes disrupted, it can cause intestinal disorders like inflammatory bowel disease, IBS and celiac disease, and extra-intestinal disorders include allergies, asthma, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, obesity, chronic fatigue and increased risk for anxiety and depression.

How do you restore your microbiome if it’s out of balance, and how do you keep it healthy, especially when modern-day circumstances can so easily compromise microbial harmony and diversity?

How LED Light Therapy Can Help

Not too long ago, the scientific community reached a tipping point in its understanding of the gut and the microbiome it houses. Past studies uncovered clues to the microbiome’s significant role in maintaining mental, cognitive, and physical health. Now, recent studies are discovering a connection between light and its effect on the microbiome.

Having a healthy microbiome means cultivating a thriving colony of “good bacteria” in the gut through dietary and lifestyle changes. These good bacteria feed on the improved nutritional intake to create byproducts, known as postbiotics, that the body uses for its benefit.

For years, people have turned to prebiotic, probiotic, and synbiotic supplements to influence the composition of their microbiome. However, emerging studies reveal yet another non-invasive way to influence the microbiome’s diversity and composition, this time using light.


Lighting The Way to a Thriving Microbiome

Besides healthy nutrition and dietary supplements, exposure to light affects our microbiome’s composition, function, and diversity.

The composition and function of the microbiota in our gut go through diurnal oscillations, meaning they turn over every 24 hours to help us maintain homeostasis. At a fundamental level, researchers have gathered enough evidence to suggest that microorganisms interact directly with our circadian genes. Therefore, exposure to natural light invariably affects the microbiota’s clock as well.

This partly explains why the persistent disruption of our circadian clock, through our modern lifestyles and constant exposure to the specific type of blue light emitted by screens, smartphones and other gadgets, leads to an imbalance in the ratio of good to bad bacteria in our gut. This imbalance is otherwise known as dysbiosis. For some, obesity, depression, and other metabolic diseases are microbe-induced conditions provoked by an imbalanced exposure to light.

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Light Therapy and the Microbiome

Light therapy, otherwise known as photobiomodulation (PBM), has a long history of its own. Going as far back as 3,500 years, in ancient Egypt and in India, humans have turned to heliotherapy, or sunlight therapy, to treat various skin conditions and physical ailments.

Although sunlight benefits the body, it is also a full spectrum light capable of healing and damaging the person it treats. As a result, researchers sought to unpack the entire light spectrum, seeking benefits and applications for light at each level of the spectrum. This gave rise to the practice of photobiomodulation and paved the way for the most recent discovery of how light therapy benefits the microbiome.

What researchers found

In a recent animal study (Liebert et al., 2019), researcher Marie Ann Liebert and her team showed that photobiomodulation, as light applied directly to the abdomen, resulted in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

While the science shows photobiomodulation works, it is not completely clear ‌why. According to Liebert, there are a few plausible explanations for why the microbiome benefits from light therapy, and it could very well be that all the following mechanisms work in concert to help the microbiome.

The wavelength matters

Many positive microbiome changes were observed when using near-infrared (NIR) light rather than just red light. NIR light contributed to an increase in good bacteria in the gut and a decrease in bacteria “associated with a dysregulated microbiome.” (Liebert, 2019)

Reducing inflammation matters

Photobiomodulation has been clinically proven to reduce inflammation. By reducing a body’s inflammatory response, it is possible that PBM creates an environment in which beneficial bacteria can thrive.

The abscopal effect matters

There is yet another explanation that relates to the abscopal effect, or remote tumor-shrinking effect, of PBM. Liebert noted in her study (2019) that when photobiomodulation is applied to one area of the body, it triggers our immune cells, stem cells, and possibly an unidentified third agent which may positively affect the microbiome.

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Ever since Dr. Gershon, the “father of neurogastroenterology,” coined the term “Second Brain” back in 1996 to refer to the gut, its microbiome, and the enteric nervous system through which it communicates with the brain, functional medicine practitioners and self-care enthusiasts have made gut health a priority in their quest to achieve overall wellness.

Photobiomodulation is yet another effective practice that can supercharge the microbiota. It brings balance to our circadian clocks, reduces inflammation, and helps us get the most out of our synbiotic supplements by stimulating the growth and diversity of our microbiome.

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“One of my friends with rheumatoid arthritis has been using the PBM for 2.5 months, she had a true RA flare up and said the light was quite a blessing because instead of 2-3 weeks of misery, it lasted 2 days. Thank you for all you do.” 

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P. Frank Florida

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“I recently broke a couple of ribs, which was really painful. So I took out my Visum Light and selected R, B, and N. I put it over the area where it was the sorest. I did this for 10 minutes, 2-3 times a day for several days. And this made a complete difference! From not being able to breathe easily and not being able to get up without a lot of excruciating pain, I’m able to breathe easily and get up and move around reasonably, with broken ribs of course.

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“I started using the Visum Light for injuries to soft tissues that may happen daily, using a technique called IRT and the light to reverse the neurological impact on the area that was affected, as well as any acupuncture meridians that may have been affected by the incident! The patient felt immediate relief! Yay for light therapy, especially for deep tissue injuries!” 

Dr. Rodriguez, FL

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“I love my Visum Light and will continue to use it! It has many beneficial well-thought-out features, which I really appreciate. They make the device easier to use. Here are several things that I like about the Visum Light: 1) comprehensive healing options, as I can combine several visible light options with many healing frequencies; 2) the safety tray; 3) the auto shut-off; 4) many healing frequencies built-in, not requiring additional attachments; 5) easy to hold; 6) large, easy-to-read button labels; 7) large, easy-to-read lighted numbers for time and a timer that beeps after the set duration; and 8) super fast delivery. The website explains all the benefits of the different options. Communication is also available by email or phone. In today’s world, it is great to have a doctor in a box, specifically a healing frequency tool.”

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“I have been enjoying the discovery of using my Visum Light. Although there seems to be much to learn, I have some favorite settings, including green light with FAR light and Nogier on the D setting. I place it on my upper belly just below my sternum. In effect, it calms me.”

Pamela V., TN

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We at Photonic Healing LLC understand how expensive it can be to have multiple single-use devices, so we’ve developed the all-new Visum Light device. This is the first affordable handheld LED general wellness device available, with multiple Comprehensive Healing options and colors.

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