Life without pain – Priceless and Possible!

Life without Pain - it IS possible!

Easily one of the most exciting advances in chronic pain and inflammation management, Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT), provides patients suffering from a wide range of conditions with a remarkable degree of therapeutic relief.

From ultraviolet light to near-infrared (NIR) light, a great deal of ongoing research is being invested to understand the full extent of PBMT’s treatment applications. And studies thus far strongly evidence PBMT’s efficacy in the realm of chronic pain and inflammation, providing comfort and healing for everything from non-healing wounds and sports injuries to skin conditions, muscle soreness, arthritis and more.

Visum Light Treatments for Non-Healing Wounds & Chronic Injuries

Bedsores and diabetic ulcers are just two examples of non-healing wounds for which photobiomodulation has provided incredible results. Typically requiring several short sessions over a period of several weeks, PBMT has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in diabetic wounds, with one preclinical study review finding that light therapy improves wound-healing properties by regulating inflammatory cytokines levels and enhancing cell proliferation and migration.

The same can be said of chronic muscle and tendon soreness, strain and injury. Quickly becoming a regular treatment option for physical therapists, PBMT has even been shown to preempt muscle soreness and fatigue before exercise and make workouts more effective while shortening recovery windows.

Visum Light Treatments for Arthritis

Common conditions for many patients, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have both seen improvement with the application of NIR treatment, providing patients with a welcome alternative to costly medications and procedures. PBMT has been found so effective at reducing pain and inflammation of the joints, it has been recommended as a viable treatment modality in post-op hip replacements.

Visum Light Treatments for Painful Skin Conditions

Wavelengths from ultraviolet A and narrow-band ultraviolet B to photodynamic blue light and yellow light have been found to treat a wide scope of skin conditions. Severe eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, actinic keratoses, rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions have all seen improvement with varying dosages and durations of PBMT.

Most remarkable is the pain-free, noninvasive delivery of the treatment, in addition to the virtual lack of side effects. In addition to relieved symptoms, these aspects in particular only add to patients’ quality of life, removing the discomfort, hassle and frustration of alternative treatments that often lack consistent efficacy.

Why Visum Light

The above applications only scratch the surface of how PBMT is changing the landscape of modern medicine, and the Visum Light is the first device of its kind to reflect that fact.

The next evolution in comprehensive low-level LED light therapy devices, the Visum Light combines the entire treatment spectrum in one handheld device. Until now, medical professionals had to purchase separate devices, each with their own color, and often manage their settings manually. This made for a cumbersome and complicated approach to treatment.

Not only does the Visum Light contain 8 specific color combinations, but it is also equipped with a number of comprehensive features designed to make it user-friendly and convenient. With a timer, dosage controls, pre-programmed settings, Nogier frequencies and intensity settings, the Visum Light is your all-encompassing light therapy device in one compact, intuitive package.

And with a 45-day No Worries Guarantee, you can experience all its amazing features and benefits at no risk.

It’s time you gave your patients a better treatment option. Order your Visum Light today.