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Global Energy Healing Summit: September 24 – October 1


Energy is the foundation and key to all things in life – and when you learn to direct the flow of energy in yourself and in those you love, the world will open up in powerful ways.

The Global Energy Healing Summit is hosted by Tom McCarthy (Forbes thought leader and performance coach) and Master Chunyi Lin (the 2010 Qigong Master of the Year).

Join us as we start a global shift in energy – a spark for global healing at the Global Energy Healing Summit.

This week-long virtual event is packed with energy healers from all over the world – more than 40 of them – all coming together to teach you how to become a master of your energy and how to harness your Qi (life force energy) to build a life you love.

                • A life with purpose and drive.
                • A life with abundance and wealth.
                • A life with health and healing.

Heal ANYTHING with energy

You know the saying I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Being sick and tired is exhausting – but it’s NOT inevitable.

Very often, chronic fatigue, pain, and illness are caused by stress that builds up in our bodies and brains for YEARS – often from traumas and issues we’ve long since forgotten.

The good news? You already have everything you need to start the healing process.

During the new 2021 Global Energy Healing Summit, you’ll learn from more than 40 experts exactly what YOU can do – right now – to heal that trauma at the source so you can see ripple effects in your health and long-term happiness.

This incredible, life-changing summit will be something you look back on for years as the beginning of your healing process.

Save your spot for this life-changing event HERE.

When you claim your ticket, you’ll get instant access to world-class bonus materials directly from the speakers.

Bonuses like:

  • Activate the Healer Within – a daily meditation to help you ignite your full energy healing potential
  • Nine Energy Systems – A comprehensive guide to your body’s nine energy healing systems and how they function
  • 10 Self-Care Techniques For Relieving Everyday Aches & Pain
  • How to supercharge your energy with PEMFs (Pulsed Magnetic Energy Frequencies)
  • 45 days of FR-EE ACCESS to the “Perfect Health” online course

Plus, even more content and LOTS more presentations. I hope to see you at the summit!

FINALLY, heal your deepest childhood trauma

Childhood trauma… Left untreated, it can dig into your psyche and drag down your energy and vibration levels for the rest of your life – sometimes making you physically ill.

Healing trauma might feel overwhelming, either because you don’t want to look it in the eyes or because you might not remember all of it.

But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

You have all the tools you need – right now – to heal yourself and find peace, health, and happiness. This is true even if you don’t remember the trauma.

How? With the power of energy healing. Join us this September at the Global Energy Healing Summit – where you’ll learn how to become your own energy healer.

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Want to look younger? Try this!

Do you have a sagging jawline, fine lines, or crows feet that have you reaching for top-shelf skincare products? 

Do you add collagen to your smoothies in the morning?

There are seemingly endless ways to look younger, but almost all of them fail to address the TRUE cause of aging.

To get to the heart of anti-aging, you need to go deeper – to energetic healing on a cellular level. 

Join us at the NEW 2021 Global Energy Healing Summit to discover how you can look and feel decades younger without spending a fortune on skin creams or surgery.

Because when you can harness your energy at a cellular level – you can indeed start the anti-aging process – AND begin attracting positivity in all areas of your life. 

Yes! I want to attend the summit for fr-ee!

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