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Does your body "complain" when you move?

It might be constricted fascia.


Effective Medical-Grade Light Therapy to Relieve Fascia and Chronic Pain

All-in-One Therapy Tool for Fascia and Chronic Pain Relief

From the Fascia and Chronic Pain Rescue Summit, you learned that fascia is made of firm, flexible collagen and fascia forms a complex system of connective tissue throughout the entire body, including the skin, muscles, organs and skeleton. It provides support, maintains the general structure of the body, and allows for the smooth movement of various tissues and organs. It’s comprised of four main layers:

  1. Superficial fascia: just beneath the skin, this layer includes some muscle fibers.
  2. Visceral fascia: surrounds various organs, including the heart, lungs and stomach.
  3. Parietal fascia: lines certain body cavities, such as the pelvis.
  4. Deep fascia: includes blood vessels, nerves, muscles and bones.

Often mistaken for joint or muscle pain, fascia pain carries a unique distinction — it’s alleviated by movement and heat, whereas joint and muscle pain often get worse the more you move. Most people don’t realize that problems with the fascia can be a contributing source to many complaints of pain – joint pain, hormonal imbalances, headaches, constipation, TMJ, migraines, arthritis, lymphatic congestion, chronic illness, dental issues, sleep apnea, acne/skin rashes, fertility issues, emotional issues/anxiety, sugar metabolism…

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Maybe you have never thought about this -

Fascia impacts every aspect of your body, yet most discussions about health do not include the self-regulating communication system of the fascial network. Common types of fascia pain include myofascial pain (repeated motion of the same muscle or muscles) and plantar fasciitis (intense heel pain caused by walking after a long duration of sitting). However, fascia also plays an important role in chronic pain. Given that it’s found throughout the body — including around our nerve endings — and is susceptible to damage via things like inactivity, bad posture, repetitive movement and various other circumstances, it’s no wonder it’s the cause of some of the most common chronic pain complaints among patients.

Have you ever been told that there is no cure for your pain? Are you tired of just “living with” your pain day after day?

Maybe your doctor has prescribed pills or treatments that once masked your symptoms but have lost their effectiveness or stopped working altogether.

Or, you’re concerned about the unwanted side effects and risks of taking pain meds… Deep down, many of us know that pills are not the answer.

Now for some good news/bad news. The good news is that fascia can heal itself. The bad news? It doesn’t heal exactly as it should, instead forming knots and clumps called fascial adhesions. These adhesions can trap nerves, muscle fibers and other tissues, causing a wide spectrum of additional chronic pain.

Resolving or eliminating chronic fascia pain can be accomplished in a number of ways, including walking/light exercise, massage, acupuncture, and most recently, LED Light Therapy.

Safe, Pain-Free Method for Relieving Fascia and Chronic Pain

Safe Alternative

Real Results


LED Light Therapy & Chronic Fascia Pain

Remember the plantar fasciitis mentioned earlier? Well, there’s a chronic variant that’s proven quite difficult to treat. But as this 2014 study (Jastifer et al., 2014) shows, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT, another common name for Light Therapy) proved to be a promising treatment, even twelve months post-treatment — accomplished with only six treatments spread across three weeks.

And as more research is conducted on the nature of fibromyalgia, clinical articles like this one (Liptan, 2010) posit that inflammation of the fascia is a major contributing factor, and results like this meta-analysis (Yeh et al., 2019) show that Light Therapy relieves everything from pain to the number of tender points and even fatigue.

Lastly, and by far the most common fascia-related pain, is myofascial pain, which involves the connective tissue between muscles, typically accompanied by muscle knots known as trigger points. Chronic cases are referred to as Myofascial Pain Syndrome or Chronic Myofascial Pain. This 2003 study (Hakgüder et al., 2003) found significant improvement using a combination of LLLT and stretching exercises, highlighting Light Therapy’s efficacy as an effective adjunct treatment.

How the Visum Light Can Help

As research continues to shed light on the latest treatment parameters — and even entirely new conditions and ailments — that can benefit from Light Therapy, only one handheld LED light therapy device was designed to keep pace with all the new discoveries: the patent-pending Visum Light.

With a number of color combinations and operating modes, you can customize therapies from one use to the next with the press of a few buttons. From chronic fascia pain to skin conditions, open wounds to circulation issues and so much more, you no longer need multiple light devices to treat specific symptoms. And with the ability to choose pre-programmed patterns or manually set the Nogier Frequencies, color combinations and therapy durations yourself, you have complete control — all in a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

The Visum Light’s non-invasive, non-thermal application and nearly nonexistent side effects, combined with its ability to significantly improve quality of life, make it the only comprehensive low-level LED light therapy device you’ll ever need.

And with our 45-day No Worries Guarantee and convenient financing options, there’s no better time to discover for yourself how LED Light Therapy can improve your lymphatic system and so much more.

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Lymphatic Drainage

Chronic Pain Relief & Chronic Inflammation Reduction

Better Athletic Performance

Muscle Tension Relief

Improved Health & Wellness

Comprehensive Healing

Life without Chronic Pain is Possible!

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The Visum Light Works on Your Pets Too

Do you sometimes feel powerless to help your animal companions? You know something is wrong, but you just don’t know what to do.

The Visum Light not only benefits humans, but also works in keeping your animals healthy and improving their quality of life. It’s effective across species—not just cats and dogs.

Here are some of the healing effects the light can provide your pets:

Using The Visum Light on your pets is simple, easy, and can be done at the comfort of your home.

It’s the care your best friend deserves.

Here are Quick and Easy Methods Showing How to Apply the Visum Light

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No Worries Guarantee We understand that you may have some reservations regarding the Visum Light, and although Photonic Healing, LLC is confident that you will be completely satisfied with our product, we offer a 45-day No-Worries Guarantee.

Unboxing The Visum Light

See What Other Leading Practitioners Are Saying About The Visum Light:

Consistently treat patients

“I hope you are as excited as I am about the Visum because over the next thirty (30) days, your clinical life and the life of your patients is about to change. After thirty (30) years of medical experience and treating tens of thousands of patients I don’t know of any better way to consistently treat patients week in and week out from the comfort of your own office.”

 Dr. Terrance Baker, MD, MS, FAAEP, President NAALT

The light was a blessing 

“One of my friends with rheumatoid arthritis has been using the PBM for 2.5 months, she had a true RA flare up and said the light was quite a blessing because instead of 2-3 weeks of misery, it lasted 2 days. Thank you for all you do.” 

Dr. Denise Easterling, Easterling Vet Clinic Madisonville, TX

The color selections are fantastic

“The Visum Light has been the best All-in-One Therapy tool I have added to my practice! I can now help more clients with chronic pain, wound healing and lymphatic release. With the different Operating Modes, I can use continuous or pulsed frequencies for a predetermined time or adjust as I need. The color selections are fantastic! You can do so much more with the additional colors than we were doing with only the red and NIR combinations. The Visum Light has paid for itself in the first week! Thank you for offering such an advanced light therapy tool!”

Dr. S. Smith, Oregon

The most powerful tool I have

“I use my lights everywhere… Especially the Visum Light. It is the most powerful tool I have in my Light arsenal and I highly recommend it to everyone! I used the Visum Light white light on my neck for 10 minutes and it got rid of a pain I have had for probably 30+ years.

On the other side it stimulated the vagus nerve and boosted my heart. I’ve only used it 3 times and also had benefits from the knee tx as well.”

P. Frank Florida

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The light does wonders

“I recently broke a couple of ribs, which was really painful. So I took out my Visum Light and selected R, B, and N. I put it over the area where it was the sorest. I did this for 10 minutes, 2-3 times a day for several days. And this made a complete difference! From not being able to breathe easily and not being able to get up without a lot of excruciating pain, I’m able to breathe easily and get up and move around reasonably, with broken ribs of course.

It was an amazing thing that happened. It just took away the pain and helped me get over those really awkward days right after I’d broken my ribs. So I really can’t recommend the Visum Light enough. It does wonders! Thank you for this!”

Lee Erickson, TX

My patient felt immediate relief

“I started using the Visum Light for injuries to soft tissues that may happen daily, using a technique called IRT and the light to reverse the neurological impact on the area that was affected, as well as any acupuncture meridians that may have been affected by the incident! The patient felt immediate relief! Yay for light therapy, especially for deep tissue injuries!” 

Dr. Rodriguez, FL

It’s great to have a doctor in a box

“I love my Visum Light and will continue to use it! It has many beneficial well-thought-out features, which I really appreciate. They make the device easier to use. Here are several things that I like about the Visum Light: 1) comprehensive healing options, as I can combine several visible light options with many healing frequencies; 2) the safety tray; 3) the auto shut-off; 4) many healing frequencies built-in, not requiring additional attachments; 5) easy to hold; 6) large, easy-to-read button labels; 7) large, easy-to-read lighted numbers for time and a timer that beeps after the set duration; and 8) super fast delivery. The website explains all the benefits of the different options. Communication is also available by email or phone. In today’s world, it is great to have a doctor in a box, specifically a healing frequency tool.”

Donna W., MI

It calms me

“I have been enjoying the discovery of using my Visum Light. Although there seems to be much to learn, I have some favorite settings, including green light with FAR light and Nogier on the D setting. I place it on my upper belly just below my sternum. In effect, it calms me.”

Pamela V., TN

About Photonic Healing LLC

We at Photonic Healing LLC understand how expensive it can be to have multiple single-use devices, so we’ve developed the all-new Visum Light device. This is the first affordable handheld LED general wellness device available, with multiple Comprehensive Healing options and colors.

We feel that comprehensive healing shouldn’t require a large initial investment for soon-to-be obsolete single-use devices.

Photonic Healing LLC has been healing with light therapy products for over 20 years and has supplied thousands of handheld LED devices all over the world. This involvement has offered us unique insight into the industry, which led us to recognize the benefits of combining several single-use therapies into one affordable, multi-use Comprehensive Healing device.

Until now, there hasn’t been an affordable general wellness device that offers Comprehensive Healing options. Using the Visum Light, with battle-tested treatment strategies proven to provide undeniably positive results time and again, you are well-armed for the future of photobiomodulation applications.