Can You Use Blue Light Therapy and Nogier Frequencies To Help Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy?

keep your pet's teeth healthy with blue light and nogier frequencies

Many pet owners struggle with keeping their pets’ teeth healthy, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Bad breath, tartar, and gum disorders may be minimized if you utilize blue light therapy and Nogier frequencies for your pets. If you’ve never heard of vibrational healing, prepare to have your mind blown.

What Is Vibrational Healing?

Many people are learning more about how everything that vibrates has a frequency that is unique to itself. When cells of the body vibrate outside of that frequency, that is when diseases and illnesses can occur. Energy Healing, often referred to as Vibrational Healing, is founded around the idea that the body is more than just the sum of the individual parts, and many other forces at play aren’t easily measurable. Among these are the forces that give us consciousness and fill us with life. Sometimes referred to as energy fields, the forces interact on a cellular level with us to develop the systems that are our physical makeup. 

How Does Vibrational Healing Work?

By exposing damaged and dysfunctional cells to a normal healthy frequency, vibrational healing can influence these cells into a healthy state, like synchronizing two out-of-sync metronomes. When the body’s tissues are vibrating as they should, they vibrate at their Resonant Frequency. 

LED Light Therapy and Vibrational Healing

The Visum Light uses LED Light Therapy and Vibrational Healing through frequencies called the Nogier Frequencies. Sound-based frequencies work because sound is a form of vibration, and in the 1970s, neurosurgeon, and scientist Dr. Paul Nogier identified various resonant frequencies of healthy tissue. These are all harmonics of the musical note D, and there are seven medically recognized Nogier Frequencies. When these frequencies enter resonance with the body, they exert specific effects on the body. 

Nogier Frequencies and Pets

dog's healthy smile

When multiple frequencies are used simultaneously, the combinations are effective in local therapy. The Visum Light therapy utilizes two types of delivery: Pulsed and Continuous Wave (CW). Pulsed therapy delivers the light in bursts (Hz), while the continuous wave delivers the light consistently. In addition to access to each Nogier Frequency individually, the Visum Light has seven pre-programmed patterns to help aid with many different issues, including:

        • 10 Hz
        • 40 Hz
        • Pain
        • Anxiety
        • Skin
        • Energy 
        • Brain

Blue light therapy has been shown to help regenerate healthy tissues, and eradicate bacteria so it can help keep your pet’s teeth healthy without having to brush excessively. The combination of blue light therapy and Nogier Frequencies can help with your pet’s teeth, and will also help with many other issues like scar tissue, inflammation, and even anxiety.

Let Us Help You

If your pet has been struggling with dental health, using the blue light therapy and Nogier Frequencies can make all the difference without you having to break a sweat over it. We can help set you up with a Visum Light, and you can do all the light therapy from the comfort of your home. Not only may your pets benefit from it, but you may also find it beneficial! Contact us today for more information. 

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