Are Light Therapy Pads Safe For Pets?

Chances are, if you’re a pet owner, you love your pet like it is a family member. Ensure that the things you expose your pet to are safe and beneficial. With many new healing technologies becoming available, you may have considered using light therapy to help your pet. If you’ve considered using light therapy pads, you may wonder if they’re safe for your pets to be exposed to. Light therapy pads use vibrational frequencies to help your pets heal naturally.

What is Vibrational Healing?

When dysfunctional or damaged cells are exposed to healthy and normal frequencies, vibrational healing influences cells toward a healthier state. When the tissues in the body vibrate as they should, they are vibrating at their Resonant Frequency. It’s important to ensure that cells vibrate as they should to prevent diseases and illnesses. Many people enjoy using LED Light therapy and vibrational healing on their bodies and also on their pets for optimal health.

Light Therapy Pads and Pets

Light therapy pads are a safe way to use frequencies called Nogier Frequencies and vibrational healing. These sound-based frequencies work because sound is a form of vibration. Specific effects are exerted on the body when specific frequencies enter resonance with bodies. Two main delivery types of light therapy are pulsed and continuous wave. The continuous wave delivers the light therapy consistently, while the pulsed delivers it in busts. Light therapy pads are popular for pets because they are non-invasive, safe, and easy to use when a pet is in need.

How Can Light Therapy Pads Help Pets?

When light therapy is used for pets, it can help regenerate healthy tissues, calm inflammation and anxiety, and even help improve your pet’s skin. Light therapy pads have multiple wavelengths of light colors for various healing properties. Many people report that their pet seems to be in less pain, has more energy, and is calmer after using light therapy.

What are Visum Light Flex Pads?

Visum Light Flex pads intend to cover the health needs of humans and animals alike. Unlike other brands of light pads, these are flexible and cordless while they deliver reliable light therapy for all your healing needs. The Visum Light flex pads have seven different pre-programmed settings for the following:

            • Nerve pain
            • Lymph release
            • Pain
            • Anxiety
            • Skin
            • Energy
            • Brain

They also have seven pre-programmed Nogier frequencies for optimal healing benefits. The pads offer many different configurations to fit many different sized pets, and we have ones that can fit many different parts of bodies. One of the most significant benefits of light therapy pads is that you can utilize them in the comfort of your home to help improve your pet’s health.

Use Light Therapy to Help Your Pet

If your pet has been struggling with health issues, using light therapy and Nogier Frequencies can help improve your pet’s health non-invasively. If you’re interested in using light therapy to help your pet, give us a call. The Visum Light Flex Therapy Pads are a wonderful way to get started in helping your pet on the road to better health. Call us today for more information.

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