10 Ways The Visum Flex Pads Are Beneficial for Pets

We have learned that pet owners want the best products to keep their pets happy and healthy. Animals deal with the same health and aging symptoms as humans and every pet owner wants to keep their furry friends comfortable and happy. Products like the Visum Light flex pads offer a relaxed and safer therapeutic solution to ease symptoms and keep animals happy.

What Are Visum Light Flex Pads?

Unlike most light pads, the Visum Light Flex Pads offer red, blue, green and near infrared wavelengths, are cordless and include cutting-edge options that deliver light therapy to specific body areas. The pad flexibility helps conform the pads for localized therapy, relieving inflammation, pain, and other unwanted symptoms.

Here are ten ways the Visum Light Flex Pads are beneficial for pets.

1. Reduces Joint Pain

Pets can experience joint pain just like humans. Whether animals are running, hopping, or jumping, they will suffer from long-term joint issues like arthritis or pain from an injury. Placing the Flex Pads on certain joints, paws, or muscles can reduce the inflammation that causes the pain.

2. Decreases Inflammation

Light therapy is a non-invasive way to decrease pet inflammation. The flexibility of the pads allows animals to experience treatment while still walking around or lying down. Whether they’ve suffered from an injury or have arthritis, the therapeutic properties can help them recover quickly.

3. Recovery From Sprains and Strains

Flex Pads can help reduce the chronic pain and inflammation from sprains and strains so your pet can feel happy and healthy again. Red and near infrared light therapy target the point of discomfort to promote circulation and reduce inflammation at the injury site.

4. Helps Deliver Chronic Pain Management

Pets can deal with chronic pain from injuries, accidents, or age-related issues, too. Flex Pads deliver red, blue, green and near-infrared light therapy to relieve chronic pain and promote better comfort.

5. Improves Blood Flow

When animals sustain an injury to the joints or muscles, they experience reduced body function. Significant injuries and minor wounds, cuts, or scrapes cause an immediate decline in cellular function. To protect the body from further damage, light therapy through Flex Pads can stimulate the healing your pet needs to recover from injuries and other trauma.

6. Reduces Swelling In Ligaments and Tendons

Animals that run a lot, such as horses and dogs, can easily incur ligament and tendon injuries. Think about playing frisbee with your dog and all the twisting and turning they do during that activity alone. Flex Pads can reduce swelling in these areas and promote better function for a speedy recovery.

7. Provides A Pain Management Alternative

While giving pain medication to your pet is necessary sometimes, frequent medication can cause cellular decline and worsen symptoms. Flex Pads reduce pain and improve the quality of life for your pets.

8. Helps Treat Skin Issues

Flex Pads are an excellent option for treating common skin issues that plague pets. Every Flex Pad has red, blue, green and near infrared so they can help reduce discomfort from rashes, lesions, or dermatitis. Blue is known to help skin conditions and the ability to add the infrared with the blue will exponentially enhance the benefits received from the Visum Light Flex pads.

9. Boosts Immune Function

Light therapy through Flex Pads can help boost immune function in many animals. As the mitochondria absorb the light, it increases cellular function, leading to better immunity and healthier pets.

10. Promotes Overall Pet Health and Wellness

Visum Light Flex Pads promote overall health and wellness for pets in many ways. From helping to relieve stress, to reducing injury, pain, and inflammation, this unique way of light therapy can enhance health and fitness and keep your pets happy and healthy.

Try Visum Light Flex Pads Today

The Visum Light Flex Pads are a safe and effective therapeutic method that delivers numerous benefits for your pet. These pads come in various sizes, tailored to you and your pet’s needs. Contact the Visum Light today to learn more.

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